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Monday, September 25, 2006
This year's Rosh Hashanah menu was (drum-roll please . . .)
  • Fried whole sardines marinated in wine vinegar with onions, pine nuts and sultanas, served over greens
  • Chicken soup with shiitake mushrooms and chicken-and-shiitake-stuffed kreplach
  • Pot roast cooked in red wine with porcinis
  • Cabbage rolls stuffed with lamb and rice in a tomato and dried cherry sauce
  • Saute of butternut squash, carrots and bosc pears with mint and garlic in a wine vinegar and honey sauce
  • Chickpea and cucumber salad with cumin seed, preserved lemon and garlic chives
  • Honey cake (brought by my sister)
  • Plum cake (brought by my step-mother)
And best wishes for a healthy, sweet and joyous new year to you all.