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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
By the way: yes, I had a very good Independence Day weekend. Spent the first chunk of it visiting dear friends who take a summer house at Bard College, where he teaches for the summer (or resides, or something) and she works with a summer theater group (or something). Anyhow, lovely people, and we had a lovely Canada Day (formerly Dominion Day, back when they were . . . dominated . . . or something) celebration with them. I admit to a twinge knowing that their decision to celebrate Canada Day is more of an anti-Bush gesture than a gesture of love towards the gentle giant to our north (they actually call their summer home Temporary Canada, and issue Temporary Canadian passports to visitors), but since my wife and I are genuine Canadophiles, I don't really feel guilty about participating. And we made patriotic restitution on our way home by visiting the Rhinebeck Aerodrome, a museum of early 20th-century aircraft featuring all sorts of planes that fought the Hun in the Great War (as well as some of the Hun's planes), and which I heartily recommend if you happen to be in the area with a small boy, or if you are a small boy, in fact or at heart. Call ahead to see if they will be doing an air show, which they were not when we visited on account of overly gusty winds. Ended the weekend with front-row seats for the fireworks at our dining room window.

It is a privilege to be a citizen of a country where they make it so easy to be happy; it is a shame so few of us manage it, and a shame I manage it myself so infrequently.