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Friday, May 26, 2006
It's funny. Until Al Gore actually started talking, I was one of those thinking, "you know, he'd be a pretty good candidate."

I mean, he won the popular vote in 2000. He never voted for the Iraq war, a war the country now believes was a pretty clear mistake. He served as VP, so he has executive and foreign policy experience. He's credible in the business community and beloved by the "netroots." And he's not Hillary. What's not to like.

Then he started talking. And reminded me that Al Gore is just about the worst politician ever to achieve such prominence, or the most successful politician ever to have such terrible political skills.

The Democratic fantasy is that Gore is the new Bobby Kennedy, the one-time insider who transformed himself into the conscience of the nation. Or, to pick an analogy from the other side of the aisle, he's the Democratic Richard Nixon: tanned, rested and ready to take the executive power that he should have gotten the first time around. And on paper, he fits the bill.

And then he starts talking.

JPod's right. If he runs, Hillary will simply squish him.

For the sake of Marty Peretz's health, I hope he just takes a pass.