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Saturday, April 15, 2006
Just reassuring everyone that I'm still alive, and haven't completely abandoned this blog. I was away on business in London, then away on vacation in Utah, then very busy at work, then preparing for Passover, then celebrating Passover. Want to see the seder menu?

Sephardi charoset
Long-cooked eggs with fresh radishes and cucumbers
Chicken soup with matzoh balls
Fried fish cakes with egg-lemon sauce
Lamb shanks braised with butternut squash, figs and fresh almonds
Chicken baked with artichokes
Cauliflower-leek kugel
Celery braised with walnuts
Roast asparagus and tomatoes
Chocolate-orange cake
Date-almond cake
Various cookies and fruit

Novelty item of the night was soft matzoh, made by certifiable lunatics in Israel (the box boasted that everyone and every implement involved in the process of making the stuff was inspected by the mashgiach every 18 minutes). Cost 50% more than the usual shmurah matzoh, which is itself ridiculously expensive and, per my own religious views, totally unnecessary, machine-made matzoh being perfectly adequate, but I buy it for the effect, and I bought this soft matzoh for the novelty of it. Wasn't worth it.

Discovery of the night was a kosher barolo from, I think, Rashi, an Italian Jewish label. Very nice wine. You'd never know they boiled it to protect it from non-kosher cooties.

And a good time was had by all.