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Friday, April 21, 2006
BTW, apropos of both reading Steve Sailer and the Israeli elections, did anyone else notice this item?

What this reminded Sailer of was the general perfidity of Jonathan Pollard. I noticed something different. Eitan is claiming that he has *in his personal possession* key documents related to Pollard's spying. Anyone remember the bruhaha over Sandy Berger taking *copies* of classified material home in his socks? Can you imagine the uproar if an American official did something like what Eitan is supposed to have done - personally absconded with vital classified documents like that and held them as a political negotiating tool? But in Israel, profound disrespect for the state is a bi-partisan affair. The left conducts unauthorized negotiations with terrorists; the right builds unauthorized settlements on Arab-owned land. All parties in one way or another treat as their personal property. This is one of Israel's biggest problems, and is very much at the root of why they can't seem to extricate themselves from the territories, but it's not something people in America on any side of the political spectrum really understand.