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Monday, January 02, 2006
Well, Happy New Year everybody! My New Year's celebration was actually quite tame; stayed home with the wife and son and (with the wife but not the son; he was asleep by then) watched the fireworks outside our window in Prospect Park, then went to bed. I didn't plan anything ambitious for New Year's because, well, only a few day's earlier we'd hosted our annual Hanukkah party, this year on the fourth night. Here's last year's menu. Here's 2003's. And here's 2005's menu:

Potato latkes with sour cream, apple sauce, salmon roe, and matjes herring
Fried cod cakes served with lime pickle
Deep fried radicchio, broccoli rabe and lemon slices (yes, fried lemon slices)
Deep fried polenta and anchovy sandwiches
Stuffed artichoke bottoms
Spinach quiche
Quinoa salad with roast eggplant, edamame and sauteed vegetables
Fennel and apple salad with tarragon and lemon vinaigrette
Roast vegetable medley
Hummus and crudites
Baked artichoke and parmesan dip
Cheese plate with crackers
Frozen pineapple and coconut truffles
Chocolate orange cake
Date and almond cake
Chocolate tart with a pecan crust topped with raspberries
Sufganiot (jelly donuts)
Assorted nuts, olives, pickles, dried fruits, cookies, chocolates and the like

The menu was complicated this year by the presence of numerous gluten-intolerant guests, so I made flourless latkes (my usual policy anyway), but also modified the cod cakes and polenta sandwiches to be gluten-free (in the first case I substituted a mix of ground almonds and cornstarch for flour; in the second, I coated with cornstarch rather than flour), and both cakes and the tart were entirely flourless, as were the truffles and most of the cookies. And everything worked, if I say so myself; I think this was the first year without any out-and-out culinary flops.

Things were also complicated by the presence of upwards of 75 guests.

Everything was homemade, except for the cookies (which were store bought) and the sufganiot and tiramisu (each of which was homemade, but made by a guest who brought them). I kind of went a little nuts this year, but everything was made in advance so I actually spent the party with guests, and enjoyed it immensely.

But I think if I have a dinner party in January, it will be a bit smaller.