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Sunday, October 09, 2005
Closing a big deal at work + wedding in Mendocino, California + bachelor party in Dublin, Ireland + Jewish holidays (on top of everything else, I'm leading shacharit services for Yom Kippur at our synagogue, so I've been practicing in my copious spare time) = not a whole lot of blogging.

While those who still remotely care about this blog are still paying attention, here's the menu for the second night of Rosh Hashanah (first night was at my mother's):

Pureed butternut squash and parsnip soup with matzoh balls
Osso buco with horseradish and pine nut gremolata
Cumin and paprika crusted chicken over orange-flavor shredded carrots and onions
Quinoa "pilaf" with shiitake mushrooms, peppers and roast eggplant
Olive oil mashed potatoes and leeks
Swiss chard sauteed with chickpeas and raisins
Green beans with persimmons
Honey cake
Poppy seed cake

The big successes were the soup, the veal and, surprisingly, the quinoa, which came out vastly better than it did when I made a dish for Passover (neither time did I use a recipe, so I obviously learned something from the first attempt). The only real flop was the chard, though the persimmons were not good enough to justify the search for them.