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Friday, July 01, 2005
I've still got an enormous backlog of blog items to write and post - review of this year's Celebrate Brooklyn concerts, review of A Light in the Piazza, more extended thoughts on Ground Zero and the so-called Freedom Tower, China versus the Middle East as foreign policy priorities (and whether it makes sense to "unleash Japan" as Rich Lowry puts it in the latest National Review), thoughts on reading Ovid, what Shakespeare's Henry IV and King David have in common, thoughts on the Iranian election, what makes a good magazine, whether compassionate conservatism actually means anything, a new book meme, a new movie meme, thoughts on the state of the economy, belated thoughts on Social Security reform, belated thoughts on the EU constitution, why everything I need to know I learned trading derivatives, and, most important, a Hegelian reading of the current zeitgeist (history isn't over after all - not even Hegel's history!).

But I'm going home early to make dinner. And my mother-in-law is around this weekend, so the odds are you won't be hearing from me until after the 4th.

So have an excellent Independence Day, everyone. And enjoy the remainder of Canada Day while you're at it.