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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Thank-you, Mr. Teachout, for playing tag. And I like your own I-am-ridiculous game so well, I think I'll play a few rounds:

Borges: No; Kafka: Yes.
Dante: No; Chaucer: Yes.
Wagner: No; Mahler: Yes.
Cezanne: No; Picasso: Yes.
Yeats: No; Eliot: Yes.
Arendt: No; Orwell: Yes.
And yet, I suspect, C. Hitchens, No; P. Hitchens: Yes.
Reed: No; Cale: Yes.
Streisand: No; Midler: Yes.
Paul: No; George: Yes; John: Sometimes yes, sometimes no; Ringo . . . let's not go there.
Thatcher: No; Reagan: Yes.
Gorbachev: No; Andropov: Yes.
Jefferson: No; Adams: No; Hamilton: No; Madison: No; Washington: No; Burr: Yes.
Franz Ferdinand: No; Franz Josef: Yes.
Bobby: No; John: Yes; Teddy: Yes.
Franklin: No; Teddy: Yes.
Sullivan: No; Gilbert: Yes, but bitterly.
Ibsen: No; Chekhov: Yes.
Columbus: No; Cortez: Yes.
Patton: No; MacArthur: Yes.

Went out on a limb on some of those. Anyone disagree? Other entries in the "I am ridiculous" sweeps? (Remember: the point is not who is ridiculous and who isn't, but who can say it.)