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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Well, I'm still catching up from work from the avalanche of emails that came in while I was out (2 days for Passover prep and yesterday for Passover proper). So I can't really post anything substantial right now. But I know some of you will be bugging me for the Seder menu this year, so here it is:

Shaved fennel and apple salad (karpas course)
Sephardi charoset
Curried eggs
Butternut squash soup with red pepper puree and matzoh balls
Potato pancakes topped with smoked salmon and chives
Roast turkey
Artichoke bottoms and yellow zucchini stuffed with veal (meat choice) or mushrooms (vegetarian choice)
Quinoa pilaf with peppers, jicama and toasted pistachios
Parsnips cooked in a hot and sweet sauce
Roast asparagus
Cocolate nut cake (provided, as always, by my wonderful sister)
Passover cookies and fruit

Seder was very enjoyable, if I say so myself. Our son particularly enjoyed enacting Moses' confrontation with Pharaoh (conducted with hand puppets) and the amusements of the "plague bag." What families with small children did before the invention of this little item, I have no idea. The only problem is that now our son wants to turn all our water into blood.

Chag kasher v'sameakh everyone.