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Monday, March 14, 2005
Does anyone else find this comment from Gregg Easterbrook kind of bizarre?

King Solomon opined that it is better to go to a house of mourning than to a house of feasting - but not because you should be happy when someone goes to their promised reward. King David sat down and ate when his son (fruit of his adultery with Bathsheba) died, and, when asked why he did not wail and fast, replied not that now his son was happy but that fasting and prayer would no longer avail him; he, King David, was going, inexorably, to meet his son, but his son would not come back to him.

Say you believe in the life to come; say you believe that that life is an abode of bliss and ultimate fulfillment, reunion with the Godhead and so forth - even so, can one throw a party to celebrate a loved-one's passing? Even if that passing is as timely as it was always inevitable?

Even the Irish don't conduct a wake in quite that spirit.

If nothing else, if Karol Wojtyla has lived the life of a saint, shouldn't we mourn when he dies that a saint no longer lives among us?

I don't recognize the religion that Easterbrook wishes people were practicing. I'm a Jew, so perhaps I've just got this wrong, but I rather think Easterbrook has confused Christianity with the Church of the New Revelation (Fosterite).