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Monday, February 28, 2005
By the way, The New Republic continues to be really good on Israel, the War on Terror, Iraq and so forth. I think Peter Beinart is delusional in thinking that the road back to power for the Democrats is reviving the corpse of Scoop Jackson (and even more delusional in thinking that that's a realistic option for the Democrats), and I think this delusion colors the magazine's editorial stance. But between the covers there's a great deal of diversity and a lot of important imformation.

And they are still very good on the Court, on cultural matters (well, not their theater and movie critics, but books, the visual arts, and television are all covered very well) and on miscellaneous social and sociological stuff.

But the magazine is getting less and less serious on meat-and-potatoes domestic policy matters. And the latest cover story is a real beaut. An endless article on the evils of the market in health care that calls for a total government takeover of the healthcare system without a *single* reference to the problems that other countries have had with such systems, without a *single* mention of the role of innovation in the improvement of health outcomes - indeed, without a *single* acknowledgement that there are any critics of the author's positions or what their arguments might be. Astounding. And embarrassing.

Health care is a very tough area, and I think the standard GOP line is off-base in a number of ways. But this kind of piece is enough to make me want to flee back into the tent.