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Thursday, January 06, 2005
Just a quick question: does anyone seriously think Gonzales won't be confirmed as AG? They need 60 Senators to end debate. There are 55 GOP Senators; nothing's been said that remotely suggests they won't vote together. Ken Salazar has already given his support to Gonzales. So they need 4 more Democrats. Does anyone think Joe Lieberman would join a filibuster? Evan Bayh? Tim Johnson? Mary Landrieu? Ben Nelson? Or anyone vulnerable in 2006?

The Democrats deserve an opportunity to air and debate the issue of the memos. It's frankly a good thing for the country to hear the Administration's defense of same. But Bush wouldn't be putting Gonzales up for Attorney General if he thought this issue could sink him politically. Isn't this just the process at work, rather than a situation where the nominee is seriously at risk?

Politically, I feel like Ashcroft was in a tougher spot 4 years ago than Gonzales is now.