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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
How does Ross Douthat.

By which I mean: how does a self-professed "theocon" and skeptic of the war to Make the Middle East Safe for Democracy get picked by Andrew Sullivan, scourge of theocrats and best-buddy of Trotsky-fan Christopher Hitchens, to write for his blog while Sullivan is on vacation?

He's a breath of fresh air. And I have to give Sullivan enormous credit for giving such prominent exposure to someone who, frankly, I imagine he doesn't agree with all that much. Maybe Sullivan should go back to being an editor, instead of writing the same column over and over again? He did very interesting things at TNR back when he was editor there. And his guest-bloggers are doing a marvelous job sprucing up what had become a rather tired space.

So: what about it, Sullivan. You've pioneered blogging as a legitimate form of journalism. Now take it to the next level: discover, by experiment, the value and role of an editor in blog-space.