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Friday, May 14, 2004
Hmm. I feel like Charles Krauthammer wrote his latest column with me specifically in mind. Remember how I divided war supporters into "still sane" and "deranged" camps? He's still sane.

Meanwhile: I wrote off Michael Ledeen a while ago as no longer worth listening to. But remember how he warned pre-war that attacking Iraq was extremely risky simply because it would give Iran an opportunity to attack us there, and possibly gain decisive influence over Iraq post-war? Prescient, no, given that Iran seems to have given material support to Zarqawi and his al-Qaeda-aping Sunni thugs along with al Sadr and his Mahdi army?

Finally: Bret Stephens tries to buck himself up by reminding himself - and us - of the alternatives to war with Saddam, and how questionable those alternatives were, strategically. But this doesn't buck me up; this is why I'm depressed. If Saddam was unacceptable, and post-Saddam Iraq is dangerously unstable, and our position with or without war was untenable, that's not a very pretty picture, is it? How is that supposed to buck me up?

Anyhow, going home. Hopefully I'll have more . . . hopeful thoughts next week.