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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Follow-up to the below: after WWII, we occupied Japan, Germany and Italy. The Japanese got to keep their flag. The Germans went back, after active debate, to the Weimar flag, also the flag of the pre-Bismarck Confederation. (Other choices were: the flag of the Second Reich, or a new German cross flag that would have looked like the various Scandinavian flags, but with traditional German colors of red, yellow and black - some examples from the CDU and Josef Wirmer.) The Italians kept their traditional colors and dropped the royal symbol with the monarchy.

So why on earth can't we do the same with Iraq? Get some reasonable proposals on the table and let the Iraqis vote on it? The Jordanian flag is based on the flag of the Arab Revolt, with a seven-pointed star that recalls their royal family's descent from Muhammad. The Iraqi flag from the Hashemite period looks very similar, but has two stars. Why not go back to that flag, but with some new symbol instead of the star that represents the new Iraq. Maybe a yellow crescent pointing upward, perhaps? With a yellow sunburst above? Kind of like a cross between the symbol in the corner of the Mayasian flag, the symbol in the center of the Kurdish regional flag, and the flag of Mauritania? I dunno, I'm just brainstorming. This is taking me about half an hour of work. How long do you think our Iraqi satraps spent on their disastrous effort?

I just can't believe we're desperately trying to get Iraqis to fight to defend their country from the next generation of would-be slavemasters, and we ask them to die for a flag that the Bosnians would laugh at.

Hey, here's a thought: the Japanese design the best flags in the world. (Check out this cool clickable map of Japan; click on a region and get a picture of the regional flag. Am I right? Do they design the best flags, or what?) Why not give 'em a pass on donating troops, and put them in charge of vexillology for the new American Imperium?