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Friday, January 23, 2004
You know, it just occurred to me: The New Republic, the smartest Democrat-oriented opinion magazine out there put out their endorsement issue shortly before Iowa. The magazine endorsed Lieberman, largely on the strength of his rock-solid support of the Iraq war and the more general war on terror. But so many writers on the staff were upset by the decision (because Lieberman is too right-leaning - and specifically corporation-friendly - on domestic issues) that they published four other endorsements by individuals from the masthead: one endorsing Dean, one endorsing Edwards, one endorsing Clark, and one endorsing Gephardt.

In other words: the staff of TNR could find reasons to support every single remotely viable Democratic candidate . . . except John Kerry, the current front-runner.

Does that mean anything? I dunno. It's an index of how amazing the transformation of the race has been, though, that two and a half weeks ago, a bunch of smart guys like Peter Beinart & Co. thought that making a case for Lieberman was worthwhile, but giving consideration to John Kerry was a waste of time.