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Monday, December 22, 2003
Yesterday afternoon and evening we hosted a Hanukkah party at our place. The menu was as follows:

* Potato latkes (of course)
* Apple-pear-pineapple sauce (for serving on latkes)
* Schmaltz herring and matjes herring with onion (for serving on bread or on latkes)
* Salmon mousse, smoked sea bass and kippered white salmon with pumpernickel bread
* Deep-fried butternut squash fritters (an Italian Hanukkah delicacy)
* Fried halibut cakes served with caper-parsley sauce (a Croatian dish, kind of like crab cakes)
* Mushroom bourekas, spinach bourekas, and fried potato pastels (I bought these)
* Spicy carrot salad (I bought this, too)
* Sweet malai (a Romanian corn-meal pudding made with sour cream)
* Crudites with hummus and artichoke-parmesan dip
* Various cheeses, crackers, nuts, pickles, candies and the like
* Tiramisu (brought by a guest - and very good)

So this is why posting has been light the past week.