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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Out of town this week on business - in London, UK, as it happens. So I expect posting to be sparse, as the company didn't go through all the expense of flying me across the pond for me to waste time bloviating.

I will say, though, that here in the City there's no discernable signs of the promised violent protests. I don't know what things looked like last night outside Buckingham Palace, but I ate dinner last night in Covent Garden, which is not *that* far away, and I didn't even hear anything.

Saw David Frum debating a grandmotherly Lib Dem peer and a Muslim arty type with very peculiar hair last night on television (jetlag). The Lib Dem pretty clearly won; she seemed relaxed and friendly and said many kind things about America, putting good words in for free trade and Ronald Reagan even. Frum seemed uptight and somewhat condescending. The third fellow seemed simply bizarre.

The lads in the office's attitude is very British: they mock the Yanks for being so paranoid and are generally more phlegmatic than either enthusiastic or outraged about the war. Had a lively conversation with a Scot from the office about Michael Howard's prospects (he's bullish - but I think he's a Tory, though he might just be a political junkie).

Enough for now. I need another cup of tea (jetlag).