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Monday, November 24, 2003
Finally, I'm very eager to read George Will's speech to the Manhattan Institute from last Wednesday (cited by Mickey Kaus - scroll down to Nov 20th posts), due to be published in City Journal. Which is, I should note, a really impressive magazine. Foreign Affairs are kind of far from their normal beat; they are primarily focused on urban issues. But they've nonetheless published good pieces from across the conservative spectrum, from Victor Davis Hanson (generally somthing of a cheerleader, though his latest piece is much less so) to Stanley Kurtz (strongly pro-war but skeptical of the prospects for democracy in Iraq - somewhat similar to my position) to (now) George Will (supportive pre-war, but angry about bad intelligence and highly critical of the neo-Wilsonian tendencies of some Administration figures). And they have Heather MacDonald on staff, who was strongly against the war from the beginning, on the grounds that it was a distraction from the fight against al-Qaeda and would, indeed, make that fight harder by alienating potential Muslim allies. She wrote a very good piece on how our intelligence and law-enforcement organs were systematically hamstrung and prevented from doing their job well, and how that led to 9-11. It's a very impressive publication all around. Go subscribe.