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Monday, October 20, 2003
Actually, Steve Sailer defends Easterbrook better than I did. I think the link goes to him home page, so if his comments on Kill Bill are no longer at the top, scroll down until you find them.

I don't think it's necessary, by the way, to endorse the Easterbrook/Sailer conviction that movies like Kill Bill and NBK cause psychopathic violence to defend Easterbrook. Personally, I hate ultra-violent movies like these, even when they *are* satires. I couldn't sit through Robocop, or through Face/Off, because of the sheer brutality of the bad guys in these flicks. And I'm not a Tarantino fan. But I'm not convinced that violent films cause violence any more than I'm convinced that pornography causes rape. (Ultra-violent films like these should, I think, be understood as a species of pornography.) Indeed, there's a good argument that exposure to this kind of material is desensitizing. Lots of exposure to pornography makes you bored by sex rather than hyper-sexual; lots of exposure to violence makes you numb to violence rather than violent. But that's not my point. Even if you think Easterbrook's point was moronic, it wasn't anti-Semitic.