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Thursday, August 14, 2003
You know, I've been thinking more about The New Republic's big Dean debate. The New Republic has an amazing track record of picking losers. In an effort to combat relentless negativity, they once launched a feature called "Nice Guys" to highlight pols who they actually approved of. The first - and, I believe, only - recipient of their "Nice Guy" award was Tom Foley, the useless and ineffectual Washington Rep who made history by losing the House of Representatives after four decades of Democrat rule and by losing his own seat to George Nethercutt while sitting as Speaker of the House, an unheard-of indignity. Other folks they reviewed positively were Gray Davis (contrasted positively with his multi-millionaire opponents in the primary, and heralded as the hero of old-fashioned, centrist Democrat politics as against the politics of celebrity and Perotist populism), Jim Florio, and, of course, the mother of all TNR beloveds, Al Gore. They kind of like Republican losers, too. Most notably, they loved McCain even before he completed his transformation into a Joe Lieberman clone (foreign policy hawk, domestic liberal of the goo-goo variety). But they had a bit of a soft spot for Bob Dole