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Wednesday, July 30, 2003
By the way, I thought the whole terrorism-market idea was fabulous. John Poindexter sure is smoking out all the Luddites, isn't he? Anyhow, Jane Galt basically agrees, though she worries more than I do that terrorists (or terrorist copycats?) would actually plan attacks to benefit from their trades on the market. My view: if you don't allow anonymous trading, a terrorist would have to be crazy to place their bets in the one place where the government is guaranteed to be looking very closely at what they do. Trading in the public markets is far safer from a law-enforcement perspective, and offers the chance of a bigger payoff. Anyhow, it would have been fun, in a sick way, to trade there, and I'm sorry the idea was killed for essentially public-relations reasons. But it'll probably be back, with less fanfare, some time down the road.