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Friday, March 14, 2003
So the Pentagon has apparently come up with a Jungian personality type system for entire countries. Who knew? And has anyone informed John Derbyshire?

For those unfamiliar with this sort of analysis, it breaks down as follows:

* Extraverted (E) vs. Introverted (I) (means just what you'd think: are you oriented towards the outside world or towards the inner world of yourself)
* Intuitive (N) vs. Sensing (S) (has to do with relative comfort with abstraction and concrete reality; in any event, this is )
* Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F) (doesn't mean exactly what you'd think; "thinking" means making decisions impersonally while "feeling" means making decisions on the basis of relationships)
* Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P) (you would think *this* would mean how we make decisions, but no; what it means is which is dominant: the Intuitive-Sensing axis or the Thinking-Feeling axis - that is to say, when you approach the outside world, do you first try to comprehend it, either intuitively or through sensing, or do you first make decisions about it, whether on the basis of objective rules or personal relationships)

Here's how the countries break down, according to the Pentagon:

Israel, India and Pakistan: INTP/INTJ
Britain and Italy: ESFP/ESFJ
China and Saudi Arabia: ISTP/ISTJ
Japan, Egypt and Spain: ISFP/ISFJ
Iran, Russia and Serbia: INFP/INFJ
Germany and Sweden: ESTP/ESTJ
France and Turkey: ENTP/ENTJ
Portugal, Holland and the good old US of A: ENFP/ENFJ

(For those who care, I am an INTP. Pat Buchanan would no doubt offer this as further evidence that I am more loyal to my fellow INTP Israelis than to red-blooded ENFP Americans.)

In case you're wondering whether I'm building up to make fun of the Pentagon for this ludicrous exercise, I'm not. I think these sorts of exercises are actually quite useful. They are a way of organizing our "emotional intelligence" about how to best approach other people - or other nations. But mostly, I just thought this would be a welcome diversion from an increasingly depressing world scene.

Have a good weekend, folks.