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Thursday, March 20, 2003
(Another aside apropos the Paleos: one of the weirder conjunctions is how the far-right in Israel and the paleo-right in America both have a soft-spot for Serbian ultra-nationalism. The far-right Israelis saw an analogy between Serb efforts to "cleanse" Kossovo and Israeli efforts to settle Judea and Samaria. I would have thought this was the absolute best way possible to discredit the settlement enterprise, but there you have it. In any event, they were unnerved by the Kossovo war because it suggested that Israel would come under similar fire for settlements. Arafat saw it the same way, incidentally, and claimed when the "second intifadeh" began and the Israeli army responded that now the Americans would have to come in and defend the Palestinians against the Israelis like they defended the Kosovar Albanians from the Serbs. Meanwhile, the American paleos opposed the Kossovo war because they saw it as a precedent for a Pax Americana, something they opposed on principle, but once they made contact with the Serb ultra-nationalists they found kindred spirits: a people who hate and fear the outside world and adhere to a narrow, tribal worldview. For the same reason, many American paleos kind of admire our terrorist adversaries; bin Laden, after all, is just trying to "cleanse" his own civilization of all foreign influence.)