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Thursday, February 06, 2003
I love it. Turkey, our only real Muslim ally, a staunch pro-American member of NATO even now, with an Islamist-oriented government, decides to buck the opinion polls and support an American war in Iraq. In response, our Franco-Germano-Belgian allies are trying to stop us from defending Turkey from an Iraqi attack.

The French demand that Turkish troops, as part of NATO, be made available to the EU and placed under EU command as part of the European Defense Force. But they won't admit Turkey into the EU; indeed, a French elder statesman says openly that admitting Turkey would mean "the end of Europe." Now France won't even agree to let NATO assets be used to defend Turkey!

And France is supposedly bucking America on the war because it is more "sensitive" to Muslims.

A friend of mine, of quirky, hard-to-pigeonhole political views, recently said: the American people are genuinely conflicted about the idea of war with Iraq. But they are of one mind about the idea of war with France.