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Monday, February 03, 2003
A friend writes from Rochester that someone at shul this past Saturday morning told him that Ilan Ramon's actions were "the highest order of kiddush Hashem" (lit: sanctification of the divine Name, fig: martyrdom). I think that's a truly beautiful way of thinking about a tragic loss. I only hope it is true. If Ramon was only in space to wave an Israeli flag, or to perform mitzvot where they had never been performed before, well, that's not enough. If the brave crew of Columbia took their lives into their hands simply to continue to hold a marker in position saying, "yes, mankind is still here," that's not enough. We've been treading vacuum for a generation. We should be ashamed of ourselves, and ashamed to sacrifice six of our best men and women, and one dear friend, for so little. If we go on out of the determination not to be defeated, without making any progress toward "victory," that won't be enough. The shuttle is just a tool. We can build another or scrap it without ceremony. But the stars are our destiny.