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Wednesday, January 15, 2003
The other good WSJ ed page piece today is their lead editorial: Bush's Labor Buddy, about this Administration's budding relationship with the unsavory boss of the carpenters' union. The New Republic ran a hard-hitting piece about this a few weeks ago. So now it seems Eugene Scalia has resigned from the Labor Department in protest of Secretary Chao's plans to support this corrupt labor boss in his court fight to keep control of his union. Good for him. It looks like a straightforward quid-pro-quo: we help you stay in office; you help us stay in office. It stinks to high heaven, and I don't care how corrupt the other side is: when you play the game the same way, you deserve the same abuse. Right now, this looks like as wrong a call as the steel tariffs, and more evidence that this Administration's domestic policies are far too driven by electoral considerations. It is encouraging, though, to see a high-profile, conservative appointee quit over Chao's decision. Not that he'll get any credit from the other side for it.