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Thursday, November 07, 2002
You know, I've gotten so cynical about the Democrats that this point by Ramesh Ponnuru never even occurred to me. He's absolutely right. He's so right, even though I linked to his post, I'm going to quote it in full:

I keep hearing Democrats saying that their party ought to have taken Bush on over the war rather than supported him. You mean the Democrats weren't for war with Iraq? On the issue of whether to send our young men and women into harm's way, they didn't really think it was a good idea? They thought it would make America less secure? But they voted for it anyway? Or maybe the Democrats really did think the pro-war vote was right on the merits, but are now concluding that it was bad politics. So Iraq is a serious threat to Americans that war is necessary to prevent, but Democrats should have tried to stop it in order to pick up a few votes? Or do they just not have any particular position on war-and-peace? The post-election commentary by Democrats seems to me to make for a more savage indictment of them than anything they did pre-election.

Bloody traitors. I think I going to start calling them Commies again.