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Thursday, November 07, 2002
This story is the reason why Labor is headed for the dustbin of history in Israel.

If you are an ardent secularist, but not a peacenik, why would you vote for the party of Oslo when you can vote Shinui?

If you are an ardent peacenik, why would you vote for the part of Ben-Eliezer and the national unity government when you can vote Meretz?

And if you are Labor leader, and try to keep both these kinds of voters firmly in your camp, how will you ever form a coalition, since you cannot allow in the religious parties, or form a national-unity government with Likud, or rely on the Arab parties to make decisions vital to national security or to the Jewish identity of the state?

This is not just about the election in January. This is a long-term, structural problem with the party. (Funny; that seems to be my theme of the day.)