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Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Good news from the Israeli right: Eitam says NRP will run alone, will not join up with National Union-Yisrael Beiteinu (which, by the way, is talking about truly merging, not just running on a unified slate, and calling itself "T'chelet" or "blue" - the traditional color of tzitzit and the blue used in the Israeli flag). I think Eitam is dangerous, but he is a plausible partner for a Sharon government, and less of a threat to a centrist coalition than a united right would be.

Since I think a Labor-Likud national unity government is very unlikely, I am really hoping for Shinui to join up with Meimad (I know, that's also rather unlikely) so we could have the next government be Likud-Shinui-NRP and whatever other drips and drabs are needed to make a coalition. But it's really unlikely, I know.

Meanwhile, anyone been following the crackup in Shas? Looks like Deri may actually field a competing party.