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Wednesday, October 30, 2002
Whoops! I guess I shouldn't have predicted the opposite only a few hours ago: Israeli government falls. Well, not exactly. Sharon still has enough votes to stay in power, so long as he keeps the far right (NRP and Yisrael Beiteinu/National Union) and the haredi parties (Shas and UTJ) happy. Which I guess was part of Fuad's plan: defect from the government to gain standing in the primary, and push Sharon to the right to make the general election environment more hospitable. Trouble is, Sharon isn't afraid of new elections; if he does something to anger the right, he can dare them to topple him. New elections might not be so soon even if the government is gone. Meanwhile, at least we'll see someone in the Foreign Ministry who's loyal to the government.

(Aside: I have never thought Peres was disloyal to Israel. I just think he's a megalomaniac who thinks only he knows best how to serve Israel, and the government who employs him and the Israeli citizens who elect the government should properly defer to him, since he knows best; and if they won't, why the only patriotic thing is to do what he thinks is best regardless of their instructions.)