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Wednesday, October 23, 2002
Ben Domenech has his own predictions (not the same as wishes, of course, but there's always some bleed) for the Senate: GOP up 2. He gives us CO, MO, SD, NH and MN, gives them AS, IO, NJ and GA, for a net gain of 2 seats. But I note the GOP gets 5 nail-biters while the Dems appear clearly ahead in the 4 races he mentions. (Never say never, and I'd love to see the GOP win in Iowa and New Jersey, but that's not what it looks like 2 weeks out.) So I think +2 is the best the GOP is likely to do, with the worst being a loss of 3. Losing 3 is less likely than gaining 2 - there are good reasons to think all the nail-biters are GOP-favored - but gaining 2 is also, I think, more wish than prediction. We'll see in November.