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Friday, August 02, 2002
Well, I think I need to see Tadpole. I liked Spank the Monkey (maybe "liked" isn't quite the right word: the movie was horrifying, but terribly true and very worth seeing), and I liked Rambling Rose (here "liked" is definitely the right word), and while I'm not a huge fan of The Graduate the reason is because I thought Dustin Hoffman's character was annoying, not because I thought Anne Bancroft's character wasn't fascinating.

I think Thomas Hibbs' take on Tadpole and the double-standard is right. And I think this is the answer to Andrew Sullivan and others who have accused right-wingers of being more concerned about abuse of children by gay men than by straights. It's not true: everyone is horrified by the abuse of children by men, whether the children are male of female. It's the abuse (or taking-advantage) of adolescent boys by women that is treated as different. And I don't think that's 100% wrong. That's not to say such situations are not exploitative; it's pretty clear to me that they are. But I do think the social and psychological impact on a teenage boy in the Tadpole scenario would be rather different than the impact on a teenage girl.

Anyhow, I'll let everyone know what I think after seeing the flick.