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Friday, August 23, 2002
Some additional thoughts about Denise Majette's victory apropos of this article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A lot of folks have been focused on how so much of the black "civil rights" leadership in this country came out for McKinney, and how her father made anti-Semitic charges after his daughter lost. But the story here isn't that there's a new problem in black-Jewish relations, or that Jewish money stole a black election, or that Arab money isn't reported in the press but Jewish money is, or anything like that.

Here's the story: McKinney lost her race in a district that is more black than it has ever been, and in a district with a bigger black middle class than ever. These voters were less interested in hearing about Jewish conspiracies and less interested in Jesse Jackson's opinion and more interested in voting out a woman they felt no longer represented them because her views were not theirs.

Majette's victory is a great victory for black Americans. The people ruled. It's a very optimistic turn of events. And we who thought McKinney was a disgrace, and who supported her opponent, should give credit for our side's victory where it is due: to the common sense and patriotism of the 4th District's voters, most of whom are black Democrats.