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Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Follow-up from Ha'aretz on Rabbi Sacks. I call attention to two things. First, as should be clear from the quotes at the bottom of the article, Rabbi Sacks is far from unclear about the nature of the enemy. Second, it's clear that specific phrases he used are being pushed further than their plain meaning in an effort to enlist him in the peace camp. Sacks says that the situation of Israeli rule in the territories is incompatible in the long run with core Jewish principles. I would agree with him here. But that's rather different from saying that Israeli policies are themselves un-Jewish or anti-Jewish. One of his rabbinic critics points out that Israel's actions are in self-defense, and hence are moral, not immoral. But Rabbi Sacks can grant this, and still argue that Israel has to be attuned to the moral fallout of even justified policies, of the way in which the war - even if it is a just war - is corrupting the morals of the country. That complicates the picture; it doesn't contradict the justification from self-defense.