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Tuesday, July 23, 2002
This is really good (and much blogged elsewhere, but who cares): Bruce Hill has a conversation with himself circa 1997. He doesn't like what he hears.

As someone who started turning rightward around 1994 (you know, I grew up under Reagan, so didn't really have any idea what a Democratic President would be like . . . then I found out), and who thought Oslo was a mistake from day 1 (the horror of the Rabin assassination shook me badly, and I despised Netanyahu, but I never changed my view of Arafat), I can't play the same game.

One part of the conversation Bruce left out, though:

1997 ME: So, where's the Dow trading?

2002 ME: Oh, a bit under 8000.

1997 ME: Wow, right about where it is now. Just treading water for five years, huh? Must have been boring.

2002 ME: Not exactly . . .