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Tuesday, July 16, 2002
The latest column from Christopher Caldwell, on corporate scandals and Republican fortunes, is pretty convincing. I know I'm pretty pissed off about the extent of corporate corruption. But then, I thought stock options should be expensed back when my job was structuring programs to hedge them (mid to late 1990s). I have friends who have been laid off or are on the brink of losing their businesses due to the collapse of Global Crossing, Worldcom, Xerox; I don't actually know anyone from Enron, but you get the idea. It's bad out there, and in a very profound way the Bushies don't get it and can't get it. The only way this can avoid destroying the Republicans at the polls is that the Democrats are mortgaged to corporate money nearly as much as the GOP, and they actually have almost nothing substantively to say about the scandals: they are treating them as an opportunity for a power-grab because they are completely bankrupt idea-wise. So I think Ramesh Ponnuru is right: this is a real opening for McCain. My bet is he won't drive through it.