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Wednesday, July 10, 2002
Every time I think I've assimilated the fact, I am brought up short by new evidence that the Arab world is in the grip of a mass psychosis. Here's the latest, from the New York Times: Wife of L.A. Airport Gunman Says He Is Innocent. The man was seen by the entire airport, shooting at random. Much of the incident was caught on film. Saying he is innocent is crazier than believing that the moon shot was faked. It's crazier than believing your husband was secretly kidnapped by aliens and replaced by a cunning replica. It's crazier than believing that sunlight is coming out of your butt. When Goebbels perfected the political strategy of saying blatant, massive falsehoods, so outrageous that they must be true, they called it the Big Lie. When Douglas Adams wanted to describe the perfect strategy for making something invisible, he called it the Somebody Else's Problem Field, by which entire mountains can be made to disappear if looking at them were sufficiently disturbing to the psyche. What shall we call this psychosis, that enables people to see an event and say: that didn't happen. Not, "I can't believe he did it" but "he wouldn't do it, and therefore he didn't do it." What shall we call it?