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Wednesday, July 31, 2002
Apologies for nothing very interesting today: I'm not feeling well, work is busy, I've got to research a drash for two weeks from now (parshat ki tetzeh, lots of options, but I'll probably talk about the laws of war), and I'm drained from reading about the latest massacre even as I'm preparing for a brief visit to Israel next week. And the daughter of a close friend will be studying at Hebrew U. as of September. Nobody's going to be getting much sleep for the next 50 years. (Last night I dreamt that I was back from the trip, on a bus heading back to NY from the airport, when September 11 happened all over again. What what THAT means.)

So I'll stick to reporting an upbeat piece in the WSJ that I think has some merit: Michael Gonzales thinks US-EU ties are improving. Maybe he's right. After all, how do you spell US in French? EU.