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Friday, June 07, 2002
Michael Ledeen, meanwhile, is worried that Bush isn't planning to fire people. Which is a very real worry. You can't motivate bureaucrats without shooting them now and again. And Bush has shown a marked reluctance to show people the door - even those, like George Tenet, who were not originally appointed by him.

Reagan had a similar though not identical problem. I remember from Lou Cannon's bio - a decent book, by the way - his description of how Reagan - always ready to stand his ground in the public arena - quailed from conflict in private. And, as a result, he was unable to fire people, leaving that job to Nancy, Deaver, Regan, etc. Bush is different. He's clearly willing to fire people who are disloyal or who simply won't stop indulging themselves at their boss's expense; his father employed him to fire John Sununu for just that reason. But he may trust his loyal employees too much, and not realize that even those who love him must also fear him if they are to be adequately motivated. Anyhow, we'll see.