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Monday, May 06, 2002
Yahoo! News - U.S. Renounces Obligations to International Court. It goes without saying that this is very good news.

A pattern is emerging with respect to the Bush Administration, and its general philosophy. Bush appears to be a strong defender of American sovereign prerogative. This appears to override other parts of his philosophical orientation, such as support for free trade. Bush has, after all, not only withdrawn from Kyoto, the ABM treaty and the ICC, but has also pretty clearly violated the WTO rules with his steel tariff decision and will exacerbate trade tensions with the agriculture bill. By the same token, he has stayed out of the game of managing foreign economic crises, particularly in Argentina, where his lack of involvement may or may not be salutary but definitely poses a threat to his Latin American trade agenda. Bush is not an isolationist; he was working closely with foreign governments before 9/11 and has forged a very active and creative foreign policy since then. But he appears to be constitutionally averse to supra-national institutions or to agreements that restrict American action in its own self-interest. This aversion is, on the whole, a very good thing.