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Thursday, May 30, 2002
William Saletan isn't worried. I still am. Why?

(1) I believe Iraqi intelligence was involved in the 9-11 attacks on America. If our government believes this too, Baghdad should be slag. If other countries in the region believe this, Baghdad should be slag. If we don't destroy a state that perpatrates such attacks on us, we lose the war. Period.

(2) Time is not on our side, and Bush may be moving too slowly even if Saletan is correct that his moves are all part of a superb master plan.

(3) We need to occupy Iraq to achieve two key war aims: the establishment of a solidly pro-Western beachead within the house of Islam and the decisive breaking of the taboo about non-Muslim rule of Muslims that is the cause of so much violence in Israel, Kashmir and, increasingly, Europe.

(4) The services seem to be complaining that we don't have the resources to take on Iraq, which does not fit with Saletan's explanation. It attests either to real and distressing military deficiencies that need to be corrected through procurement and recruitment or a real and distressing failure of will on the part of our military that needs to be corrected through firing timorous generals and admirals.

It's nice to see someone still has faith. But I'm not ready to put away my McCain 2000 pin yet.