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Thursday, May 23, 2002
So, serious question. If the Pi Glilot attack had succeeded, Israel would have been struck with a force comparable to September 11, with thousands of fatalities. Given Israel's size, of course, that's the equivalent of more like tens of thousands in the United States. What would Israel do in response? And why should Israel scale back that response because the attack failed?

Israel cannot afford even a single attack of this scale. The fact that one has been attempted suggests that Israel's deterrent is very weak. The Pi Glilot bomber was trying not to wear down the Israelis in a war of attrition but to ignite a regional war. Israel has got to bolster its deterrent sufficiently that the Syrians, Iraqis, Saudis, etc. don't think they can use weapons of mass destruction (that's what this would have been) without facing massive, devastating retaliation, including the use of similar weapons. And Israel has got to establish real security control in the territories, even if it means permanent reconquest of Area A. If anyone wants a different solution, let them come forward to put their troops on the line. Israel cannot afford even one attack of this scale, and we had all better be thinking about how to prevent one.