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Wednesday, May 08, 2002
So, does this count as points for or against Instapundit's prediction? Ha'aretz is reporting that Sharon resolved not to undertake a "severe" retaliation for the Rishon massacre, nor to expel or capture Arafat. Rather, he agreed that the P.A. would have to be "reformed" by pushing Arafat into a "symbolic" role, while administration is handled by others, after which there will be negotiations.

Now, let me understand something here. The problem with Arafat is that he doesn't give a damn about his people or about how much evil he perpetrates. All he cares about is enhancing his own power by committing atrocities. He's the definition of irresponsibility in leadership, a perfect nihilist. So now, we're going to bump him to a position where he really has no responsibility, but he'll still have the same symbolic and rhetorical power he's had all along. We can no longer blame him for the atrocities that happen under his watch, because he's not in charge. But he can continue to incite these atrocities: make inflamatory speeches, direct "charitable" contributions to his militias, etc. This is a victory?

Oh, and if you are going to suggest that he'll be stopped from running militias, diverting cash to fund terrorism, etc., I have one question: who is going to stop him? You? And what army?