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Tuesday, May 28, 2002
Richard. Z. Chesnoff has a piece on the growing threat from Hizballah. I've been arguing for some time that the next front in the war, even before Iraq, should be Lebanon. Hizballah are the front-line troops of the Axis of Evil, and they are the most likely delivery mechanism for weapons of mass destruction as well. Attacking Hizballah directly could potentially spark a fatal crisis of credibility in the Iranian regime, dramatically strengthen our allies in Jordan, and, not incidentally, wipe out a gang of murderers drenched in American blood. Any action we took in Lebanon would leave us free to pursue whatever policy we wanted with respect to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Israel, after all, withdrew unilaterally from Lebanon; striking at Hizballah could more easily be described as a reward for that pullout than as support for Sharon's actions vis-a-vis the P.A. And it would represent an overdue American action to defend the independence of Lebanon from the Syrian and Palestinian invaders who have done it do much damage over the past 35 years.