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Wednesday, May 29, 2002
Peter Beinart does it again. This one's about the mayoral election in Newark, the perfidity of Sharpe James and his backers, including NJ Governor McGreevy and national black "leaders" like Jesse Jackson. So far so good. But if I recall correctly, TNR lined up behind McGreevy in 2001 and against Brett Schundler, the conservative GOP mayor of Jersey City, a town that Beinart contrasts James's Newark with. So, an admittedly right-wing (and swelled-headed) but honest, earnest and urbanist GOP mayor cleans up Jersey City, runs for governor against a machine Democratic candidate, and The New Republic backs the machine. Then it cries foul when the machine governor backs the corrupt mayor who put him over the top. How many times do you get to lose your innocence in this game?