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Sunday, May 12, 2002
NY Times article: No Big Deal, but Some Dorm Rooms Have Gone Coed.

This actually sounds perfectly reasonable to me. But what I want to understand is: if the Times thinks this is reasonable (which it sounds, from this article, like they do), why did they have a problem with the Yale Five - the five Orthodox Jewish men who refused to live on-campus at Yale because their religion forbade them to share bathrooms with women? If gay students can get exceptions to the usual housing rules for reasons of sexual propriety and comfort, why not traditionally-minded straight students? And why is the Times vociferously hostile to institutions like the Boy Scouts that want to keep straight-only environments? If boy scout troops shouldn't have female scoutmasters, why are they obliged to have gay scoutmasters to pass some "tolerance" test?

Maybe if the boy scouts allowed lesbian scoutmasters, everything would be OK.