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Friday, May 03, 2002
I admit I am puzzled by these stories about Barghouti singing, such as this one in The Jerusalem Post. Possibilities: (1) It's all made up. Vanishingly unlikely; making something like this up would blow up in Israel's face immediately. (2) Barghouti really expects to hang, and is trying to save his skin by fingering Arafat. This also seems unlikely, since Barghouti should know he's a valuable bargaining chip, and that if the Israelis are willing to hang him they'd be willing to hang Arafat. (3) Barghouti has turned on Arafat in order to replace him. This is the DEBKA take on things. But apart from the previous problems with this scenario, doesn't singing for the Israelis ultimately undermine his credibility with the Palestinian street? (4) Israel knows all the information that Barghouti has supposedly supplied, but from other sources. The question is, why would they suggest Barghouti told them? To discredit him with Arafat? This is plausible, I suppose. (5) None of these guys give a damn what the world knows because they know they are immune to any kind of threat.

None of these explanations are entirely satisfying. The whole Barghouti story is really weird. Watching developments eagerly.