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Friday, May 24, 2002
Here's a gem of an item from MEMRI . An Arab League-run think tank, a pillar of the establishment in the Arab world - Al Gore, Jim Baker and Neil Bush spoke there IN THE PAST YEAR - recently hosted Theirry Meyssan, the French author of "The Appalling Fraud" who accuses the U.S. military of having masterminded the September 11th attacks.

Not that it's a surprise that these guys would host M. Meyssan; he's a natural. But what are Gore, Baker and Bush doing at a forum that would host such a guy?

We're having a very hard time remembering that the Arab world is dominated by lunatics and criminals. Harvard invites a Hamas fundraiser to be a commencement speaker. Bush invites Wahhabi extremists to the White House for photo-ops. Gore speaks at a think tank that entertains a lunatic who blames the U.S. for September 11th. I expect the U.N. to cater to Holocaust deniers, mass-murderers and more prosaic gibbering maniacs. But I expect better of America. We have this delusion that the evildoers are this small, scattered minority, unsupported by the establishment in the Arab world and trying to overthrow it. But the evildoers either run that establishment or they have corrupted it utterly through blackmail and terror. I despair of us ever getting that fact through our thick, smiling American skulls.